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Your Classroom is a Medical Campus

Kino College’s professional medical assistant program is held onsite at active medical center campuses. Students train on the medical campuses through a combination of classroom and hands-on training led by practitioner faculty. At Kino College students prepare to become Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMA) in just 9 months.

Benefit from the personal attention our small class sizes allow us to provide you. You’ll learn from an array of subject matter experts, some of whom choose their medical assistants directly from our program.

Becoming a medical assistant is the first step to a rewarding career in healthcare. To help you fit career training into your busy life, Kino College offers evening classes, career placement, and helps you figure out how to pay for school. Designed to accommodate your schedule, our professional medical assistant program is the obvious choice for you to become a healthcare provider for your community.

Kino College Medical Assistant Program at Banner University Medicine

Kino College at Banner University Medicine North

Kino College at Northwest Medical Center

Kino College at Northwest Medical Center

Start your medical assistant career in direct patient care.

There is a growing need in our communities for medical care. The need ranges from acute care for chronic illnesses, to preventative care for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, to elder care.

The health issues in our communities range from elders who rarely visit a doctor’s office to people who visit regularly due to chronic illnesses and increasing rates of preventable type 2 diabetes. When you become a medical assistant, you strengthen the healthcare fabric of your community. Kino College gives you the professional skills to provide exceptional patient care, respond to medical situations, assist in clinical patient care duties, and calm concerns of the patient’s family.

At Kino College, students train to become professional Medical Assistants who work with doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in cardiology, OB/GYN, pediatrics, and a variety of other specialty practices. Students also prepare for medical assistant certification which expands their career journey to a wider variety of clinical and front-office opportunities. After nine short months of classroom and hands-on training in a medical facility with Kino College’s practitioner faculty, professional medical assistant graduates emerge well-equipped to support the immediate needs of their community.


Students build confidence in direct patient care by training with practitioner faculty in an active medical campus.

Why Kino College?

Spring 2024 Classes Start January 8th.

Our medical experts teach on our medical campuses

Current medical practitioners join your cohort at the medical campuses for onsite classes and first-hand experience in patient engagement. With instructors drawn from a variety of specialties and medical roles, we offer an education that prepares you well for a future in the healthcare field.

We help make medical assistant training affordable

Kino College participates in Federal student aid programs, and will work with you to develop a plan to finance your education. Do not let financial concerns prevent you from entering the healthcare profession.

We invest in your career growth

The medical assistant profession is set to grow by 14% by the year 2032, escalating demand for quality frontline healthcare professionals. Kino College offers career placement services including graduate placement, resume building, and interview skills.