9-Month Program

Train to become a Professional Medical Assistant in 9 months (36 weeks). Our program helps build direct patient engagement and critical thinking skills and prepares students for the NHA Certification Exam.

Immersive Medical Environment

Learn on a medical campus with active practitioners. Apply your training with real patients beginning midway through the program, and take your skills into your community. The Kino College Professional Medical Assistant Program provides a hands-on medical training experience.

Evening Classes
5:30-9:30 PM

We accommodate your busy schedule—Kino College holds evening classes between 5:30–9:30 PM.

Start Your Journey to Become a Medical Assistant

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“Kino has the best MA program in Tucson. I had the best experience and learned from knowledgeable instructors. Classes are held in the hospital with a lot of hands-on training. Phil helped me on finding the right externship and was hired. I highly recommend Kino College.”
Esther M.

“My time at Kino College was full of one-of-kind experiences. Being able to work in Northwest’s Emergency Department was exciting and eye opening.”
Kaylyn J.

Our Curriculum is Designed to Meet Your Needs

Exam Preparation

Prepare for national certification to become a certified clinical medical assistant and set the foundation for future career growth.

Systems Approach

Taught with the systems approach of repetition and fieldwork—like the training of medical students.

Learning Styles

Our program speaks to a variety of student learning styles by using instructional methods including lecture, demonstration, laboratory, practical application, and use of take-home exams.

Personal Attention

With small classes and peer-to-peer learning, Kino College instructors provide a community for enhanced understanding.

Medical Advances

Engage in discussions of modern medical advances and bioethical topics with subject matter experts.

Put Theory into Practice with Kino College

Employers look for quality medical assistants trained in key patient care areas. We care about your journey and want you to walk away with a career advantage. The Kino College Professional Medical Assistant Program will equip you with the skills and abilities needed to become a competitive candidate.

At the conclusion of the Professional Medical Assistant Program, students will:

  1. Apply standard practice of care and maintain the confidentiality of patient information according to HIPAA and other regulations.
  2. Perform clinical skills, e.g., rooming patients, obtaining vital signs, sterilizing instruments, performing venipuncture, and collecting lab samples.
  3. Use appropriate medical nomenclature in the performance of their work in a medical practice or specialty.
  4. Exercise critical thinking skills in the performance of their job duties.
  5. Calculate medication dosages.
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    • All the body systems and their functions
    • Common diseases and disorders
    • Diagnostic and therapeutic modalities
    • Diet and nutrition patient education
  • Clinical Skills
    • Laboratorial Sciences
    • Drug classification and contraindications
    • Examination assistance
    • Specialty procedures
    • Medical emergency response
    • Self-examination, disease management, and health promotion teaching
    • Complementary and alternative medicine practices
  • Human Relations
    • Recognition and response to abnormal behavior patterns
    • Terminal illness response
    • Stages of grief identification
    • Appropriate care for each life stage
    • Understanding of cultural diversity
    • Hereditary and environmental health factors
  • Medical Disciplines
    • Medical terminology
    • Medico-legal issues
    • Medical economics
    • Risk management
    • HIPAA confidentiality standards
    • Professional ethics
  • Medical Office Administration
    • Electronic medical records and management software
    • Patient intake and histories
    • Scheduling and inventory management
    • Record retention
    • Coding and Billing
Course TitlesCourse NumberTotal Hours
Entry to the ProgramPMA03192
Clinical Skills IPMA032108
Clinical Skills IIPMA033108
Clinical Skills IIIPMA034108
Administrative SkillsPMA035108
Entry to the ProfessionPMA036196

Total Hours: 720

Complete the Certification Exam upon Graduation

Kino College prepares you for NHA’s Certified Clinical Medical Assistant national certification. The exam is administered onsite, and you’ll receive your results immediately. National certification allows you to work anywhere in the United States, including states that require certification for employment.

Kino College includes study materials and practice exams in your tuition costs. The exam is administered on-site, and you receive your results immediately. We are by your side for your whole journey.

Discuss your career goals with us for more information.