Lizeth's Amazing Story

As part of our program, Kino College students go on what we call a midternship, which is a rotation in the hospital about midway through their classroom time. They get 8 hours in the ER, 8 hours in one of the labs and 4 hours in the main lab of the hospital. Students get to perform EKG’s, do blood draws and perhaps breathing treatments along with help out when needed in situations that they may find themselves in while on rotation.

Our student, Lizeth Soto, recently was on rotation while in the Emergency Department at NWMC. Lizeth participated in working with a patient that came into the ER with a STEMI*. A STEMI is a type of heart attack. This type of heart attack requires a quick response or it can lead to death. Lizeth and the team she was working with were able to save this man’s life in under 45 minutes. They have a special pin in the Emergency Room for those who accomplish this. Lizeth was told she was the only student EVER to receive this pin; not just from our school but any school at any level!

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*STEMI is a common name for ST-elevation myocardial infarction, which is a more precise definition for a type of heart attack. It's caused by a prolonged period of blocked blood supply that affects a large area of the heart. STEMI has a substantial risk of death and disability and calls for a quick response.