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The Professional Medical Assistant program consists of 684 clock hours (36 weeks) of instruction and externship.  It has been designed to effectively prepare one for the rigors of the modern medical office.  The program balances the study of the major body systems with the functional duties of the medical assistant in the new medical office.  The coursework initially introduces the basic sciences and subjects in a general manner and then using constructive repetition, brings the basics to the real-life medical environment and the bedside.

Course Titles Course Number Total Hours
Introduction to the Program PMA001 60
Anatomy & Physiology PMA002 92
The Clinical Environment PMA003 112
Midternship PMA004 20
Medical Disciplines PMA005 80
The Medical Office PMA006 76
Entry Into The Profession PMA007 44
Designated Topics
Externship PMA008 200

Total Hours: 684

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